Anti Corrosion

Technical Data Sheet
ROVAL Cold Galvanizing Compound

ROVAL USA Corporation
12270 NW Luoto Ln Carlton, OR 97111
TEL: 971-237-0958

Conforms to MIL-P-21035 and ASTM A780
Date Revised: August 1, 2013

ROVAL Cold Galvanizing Compound is a single pack type high quality liquid
organic zinc rich compound. The dried film of ROVAL Cold Galvanizing has a
96% high zinc (ASTM D520 type II) content. It provides long-lasting galvanic
anti-corrosion protection to metals.

▲ High anti-corrosion performance-------Cathodic Protection
Unlike normal paints, which only provide barrier protection, ROVAL products
also provide cathodic protection on steel and ferrous metals. If rust occurs, it will
not creep under the film. The anti-corrosion performance is dependent upon the
content of zinc in the compound and the film thickness.

▲ Cathodic and Barrier Protection-------Self healing

The zinc is sacrificed as it offers cathodic protection. In turn zinc corrosion
products are formed, which cause the coating film become denser and more
impervious to damaging elements. This restorative action makes the coating
resistant to weather, water etc... If the coating film is damaged, fresh zinc is
primed to provide galvanic action.

▲Single pack type------- Easy to mix, Easy to paint

Unlike other paints, which have two or three components, ROVAL products
are a single pack zinc rich compound. There is no limited pot life, no complex
mixing methods, and no painting skills required. This product simply requires
thorough mixing and sufficient film thickness is obtained, it is very easy to use.

▲ Fading --------Due to exposure, the film’s color will change

Zinc gradually oxidizes in the air, causing color of galvanization to change.
Roval products possess similar fading characteristics to galvanization.

▲ Electric Conductivity

ROVAL products are not necessarily conductive paints, but they may conduct
the static electricity...