Anthro Notes

City of Anyang
Core city/palace is circled by wall and flanked by river (strategic in case of siege to provide fresh
Clusters/suburbs surround the city. More time = more social stratification.
Many craft specialists working inside the city, either supported by royal family or elite families.
Oracle bones
Shang China Hierarchy – King, Nobility, Skilled Artisans, Commoners
Kings would usually be stabbed in the back or poisoned or somehow killed. Usual suspect would often be brother or son, who would than ascend to the thrown and take over.
The royal cemetery was not located in palace precinct, because the tombs were huge and elaborate and would take up too much space.
The last Shang king was King Zhou, how was conquered ironically by the Zhou Dynasty.

Data acquired from Mesoamerica is much richer than that of other sites because there are a lot of excavation centers and a lot remaining.
The Valley of Oaxaca – one of the best known Areas, documented and researched. Tehucan Valley is located here. Gives us understanding of domestication of corn and other products. People have been working in this area since the 60’s to understand the slow transformation from hunter/gatherer to societies.
Early Villages – People settled into villages between 1900-1500C. They cultivated plants, started making pottery and settled down.
Site   - San Jose Mogote
The majority of sites are located overlooking prime fertile land and in defensive location.
In small communities ,there were little huts. The soil in the house turns dark from our feet and dragging in dirt.
Land immediately next to the river had a high water table and was the most productive even in dry year. The mesquite forest provided a lot of food. Agriculture had to be more productive.
People relied on corn, squash, beans, deer, preccary, rabbits, and birds. Figurines were associated with houses- They appear to be a form of domestic ritual . perhaps related to ancestor...