Anthology Notes

 Short stories revision guide
1. The Short Story Anthology Revision Guide
2. In the exam, you will have the choice of 2 questions. The Question For example: 1. A) How is symbolism used in ‘The Polish Teacher’s Tie’? B) How is symbolism used in another story of your choice? OR: 2. A) How is love presented in ‘100% Perfect Girl’? B) How is love presented in another story of your choice? Part a) asks you a question about one specific story. Part b) lets you pick your own story. It could be focused on one of these things so make sure you revise each of them: What could the question be on? The themes: a) Love b) Growing up c) A change d) Society e) Relationships f) Fear g) Etc. Setting Symbolism Motifs Imagery Context Characterisation Metaphors What/How to revise: What to revise? a) Each short story (you actually need to read them!) b) The plot of each story c) Who all the characters are and their characteristics. You need to create essay plans for each character so that you are prepared for the exam. You need to explain how they link to the themes of the text & what the writer is trying to teach the audience using these characters d) The key literary devices (so that you can pick these from the passage) and their effects e) What structure means – how is structure used in each text?
3. f) What form means – how is this used in each text? g) Quotations on all the above h) Create plans for possible questions: cover all the themes, characters, motifs, settings To revise I suggest that you take each of the above and write your own notes, summarising the main points in your own words. Then, revise from your own notes and cut each note down to a smaller summary, so a simple key word lets you remember everything there is to know about a subject. Ie. If you want to revise aspects of form: Take the revision page on form. Write your own notes on it in detail. Then read through your notes, turning the page over to see what you can memorise from that. Next, write out the...