World literature Essay

TOPIC: similarities characteristics of antagonist in novels school for wives and cousin bazilio.

                The novel school for wives enjoins with the 17th century France, it chiefly tells us about the society of France. In the same manner cousin bazilio accounts us on the society of 19th century Portugal. Both the novels are based of theme women but school for wives is a play and cousin bazilio is a novel. Additionally a novel named devil on the cross is also based on the theme women.

              Antagonist of the novel school for wives is arnolphe he is approximately 40 years old. Likewise antagonist of the novel cousin bazilio is cousin bazilio. Arnolphe always used to make fun of cuckolds; he used to feel happy by letting down the cuckolds by this we can tell that he is a psychotic person. In the first scene crysalde mentioned that “ if   you marry and your wife cheats you and make you a cuckold all the people in the society will take you t the top of a building and push you down from there”   from this warning of crysalde we can tell in other words that there is lot of hatred in the heart of   people in the society towards arnolphe. In the same manner Cousin Bazilio is a well respected person the society he is a well established business man in the society. He had to move from one place to other in order to uplift his business, along the way once he had to visit luiza’s place. There he acts as he loves luiza, when luiza wanted to marry bazilio and live her further life with him he refuses her offer and behaves rude with her by this we can tell that he is a person with wit a use and throw kind of character.

              Agnes was groomed by arnolphe from her childhood, after Agnes turned 17 arnolphe shifted her to one of his homes and she was not allowed to meet any of the women in the society so that she shouldn’t be influenced by them and so that she won’t cheat him, consequently we can tell that he is a cautious...