Annotated Bibliography

Leadership Priorities: Annotated Bibliography

As a transformational leader, priorities are necessary to not only be successful but to recognize that success as well.   In a correctional facility the focus is probably a bit different than hospital based facilities.   Priority one would be staff safety and response times to emergencies.   Priority two would be quality and safe patient care and finally priority three would be an overall cost reduction in the clinic budget.   Needed resources for all priorities would include first and foremost a trained staff both technically and diversely with the target population.   To accomplish this training modules, training manuals and organized training sessions would be needed.   This information is bountiful so a person would be needed to sift through various programs to find some that will work for this staff.   The following annotated bibliography is the result of research done to find evidence based reasoning for changes needed to succeed at accomplishing these priorities.
Priority One: Staff Safety and Response Time to Emergencies
Anthony, M., Vidal, K., (May 31, 2010) "Mindful Communication: A Novel Approach to
Improving Delegation and Increasing Patient Safety" OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues
in Nursing Vol. 15, No. 2, Manuscript 2. DOI: 10.3912/OJIN.Vol15No2Man02
This article explores how by learning to properly delegate, patient and nurses safety can also increase.   It goes into great detail on what effective communication is and details what the right type of communication specifically is.   Communication should be done in a way that it not left for interpretation what is intended when it comes to areas of staff and patient safety.   This is particularly important for this priority as the nursing leader will have to ensure that their point is getting across without questioning the meaning.   Staff safety will start with the leader so effective skills are needed by them first and foremost....