Annie Oakly

“Little Sure Shot”

Birth: August 13, 1860
Birth place: Patterson Township, Drake county Ohio
Death: November 3, 1929
Real name- Phoebe Ann Mose
Married- Frank E. Butler
Legacy- first and best women sharpshooter

Interesting facts-
Annie stared in Buffalo Bills Wild West Show. She meets and preformed for Queen Victoria and sitting bull. She stared in short films and movies. Her Father died when she was 6, and earned money for her family by hunting.   Annie was also injured in a train Wreck.

“Little Sure Shot”
August 13, 1860 was the day a ledged was born. Her name was Phoebe Ann Mose, but was nicknamed Annie Oakley.   Annie picked up her first gun at the age of 8, and was a natural at it. By age 22 she was traveling the world, even snuffing out candle flames and knocking corks from bottles for the queen of England.   The most important thing Annie did was show the world that women can do things just as well and even better than men could.

Annie had many rough times thought her early life.   She was born in log cabin on August 13, 1860 in a small town in Ohio.   Annie had always loved nature.   Annie took her first shot when she was eight. Nobody had taught her how to shoot, but it came to her naturally, and when her father died she used her hunting skills to support her family.   When Annie was 16 she competed in many competitions.   It was during one of these where she competed against Frank Butler, who she fell in love with and later married.
  Annie had such amazing shooting abilities that she was invited to perform in Buffalo Bills Wild West show. She was so good she got to perform for the Queen of England and Sitting Bull.   It was from Sitting Bull she got the Nickname “little Sure Shot”.   One day in 1901 Annie was in a train accident where she suffered from a serious spinal injury which left her half paralyzed, but continued to shoot at the age of 61.
Annie’s final years were peaceful. She spent much of her time with the people she loved...