Anne Frank

The story is told from the perspective of a young girl named Anne Frank.   Anne was a normal Jewish girl who had normal problems like school and boys.   She had always daydreamed about being a movie star.   She was a very intelligent girl and liked to write. She liked to write so much that if she couldn't be a movie star she wanted to be a writer.   Anne was very good at writing and wrote about the things that happened to her, her family and her friend with very unique and detailed wording.  

Hannah, like Anne lived in Holland. Also like Anne, Hannah was very friendly to all the people that she met and had many friends.   Hannah and Anne were good friends, although Hannah had always teased Anne about being young, because Hannah was a month older than her.

Meip Geis was a friend to Anne.   When the franks were in hiding the were brought food by Meip. Meip was somewhat naive to the situations that surrounded her.   She did not have the same intelligence or insights that Mr. frank possessed.   She was very defiant and outspoken and had many close friends such as Hannah and Anne.

The person who helped Anne Frank the most during her life was her father Otto Frank.   She even admitted in her diary that she loved him more than she did her mother.   She said that her mother was mean and uncaring, while her father was kind and loving.   Anne believed that she had more in common with her father, and didn’t think very highly of her mother.   Most of the adults in the Secret Annex enjoyed criticizing Anne and her bringing up.   Her father was the only one of the group of adults that would stand up for her, and prove the others wrong when the rest criticized her.   Anne’s father was her main source of encouragement, and she loved him more than any other adult in her life. Mr. Frank, the father of Anne was a very good man. He was smart, kind and very caring. Even when times were at there worst in the concentration camp, he help the men in his barracks."He is like a...