Supporting individuals to eat and drink



Upon entering client a’s house I go to greet the client, once I have greeted the client I log in on the house phone. Then I check the clients support plan to see if there have been any changes requiring needs or notes made. With client a she requires carers to make her meals.   I then go through to the lounge where the client is sat and discuss with them what they would like for dinner and what drink, as this client usually has microwavable meals I list all the choices to the client making sure they do not conflict with the past two days meals, to make sure proper nutrition is given, and this is a suitable option according to her dietary needs.
Once we have decided on what meal the client would like I go through to the kitchen and wash my hands and the surface where I will be preparing the meal. I then check the cooking instructions for the stew and dumplings and pierce the meals film lid then place it into the microwave on a microwave safe plate. I set the timer for the allocated amount of time.
While the meal is cooking I prepare a drink for the client, I make a cup of tea using full fat milk as this client is on a high protein diet. Also while making the cup of tea I make sure not to overfill the mug as this could lead to a client burning themselves while picking up the mug. Once the drink is ready I carry it through to the client and place it within easy reach. And check it’s strong/weak enough for client a. Then i ask client a how she would like her meal to be served and she asks for it to be placed on the tray in front of her.
Once the microwave has beeped I note down the time to let it stand for a further two minutes. I then get a new plate from the cupboard as the one used may be too hot for the client and has the potential to burn her. I then peel back the film lid from the stew and dumplings and place this on a plate neatly so that it looks aesthetically pleasing for...