Animal Farm

. ' Unquestioning loyalty to figures in authority brings about abuse of power.'

The allegorical novel, Animal Farm, by George Orwell is a depiction of a society that rebels against tyranny and sets out to create a new society of equality and peace , but finds itself sinking back into a tyranny far worse than before. It displays a vast image of political nature. Orwell focuses and emphasises the fact that there are numerous men among mankind who are treacherous, avaricious, selfish and greedy for dominance and would readily jump at any vacant opportunity to subjugate, tyrannize and persecute. From that we are acknowledged that the actual reality of living in a Utopian society remains an illusion for those that long for it.

After the rebellion took place the animals put in writing the seven Commandments by which all of the animals would live by. From this point all of the animals were supposed to be treated equally and were to have a better way of life , but this didn't happen. In George Orwell's Animal Farm, Power is bestowed on animals that have intelligence. On the farm, intelligence is measured by an animal's ability to read and write. It is the ability to read that instantly puts the pigs in charge of the farm and gives them almost total control over everything. The pigs can therefore be labelled as the totalitarian leaders of the animal farm.

Orwell uses the character Napoleon to show us how one person and his followers can seize power and become a dictator. Who doesn't like a bit of power or dominance? To have authority over someone, is having one of the most enthralling experiences you would ever have. In an average person's life he/she will eventually , somehow or the other , seek this power and this enthusiasm will drive them to achieve this power at any cost. Napoleon isn't   ready to share his power. Snowball was the only one that could challenge Napoleon's power. Due to Napoleon's greed, he blames everything that goes wrong on Snowball,...