Animal Farm

Goerge Orwell explores many ways in how power is gained in Animal Farm. Discuss.
In Animal Farm, written by George Orwell in 1946 depicts a utopian society based on the principles of “Animalism” that promises harmony and equality among all animals. He also uses the animals of Manor Farm as a metaphor in order to demonstrate the corruption and dangers of a Communist leadership and society just like the Russian Revolution. Goerge Orwell explores the many ways in how power is gained. In the novel, Napoleon’s tyranny over Animal Farm begins when he forces Snowball off the farm through the use of his dogs and makes all the other animals agree upon whatever he decides. During his rule, he abuses his power and   changes the original Seven Commandments of Animalism to suit his needs. Napoleon also uses Squealer to spread propaganda   to the other animals, to gain their loyalty and trust.

Snowball’s smart theories and techniques in ways to improve the farm and make life easier for the animals ended up with Napoleon having to exile Snowball out of Animal Farm because Napoleon feared that Snowball would lead the farm. Snowball had an innovative and progressive vision for the farm. He makes the windmill plan which he believes would improve the production on the farm. Because Snowball had ideas of his own he was winning the majority of votes when an agreement came up this lead to Napoleons getting jealous of Snowball. His jealousy and the desire for him to take control of the farm is shown when it is said that   “Napoleon had produced no schemes of his own.” And that Napoleon is envious of Snowball’s superior ideas during the novel it is also said that he purposely, “lifted his leg, urinated over the plans and walked out without uttering a word”. Napoleon uses his power such as his envious dogs in an attempt to kill Snowball and exiles him from Animal Farm. After Snowball being exiled, he used different methods of fear, intimidation, and propaganda to control the...