How would you feel if you were an animal caged for scientific testing? A direct question and thought that gets your attention and mind. Going deep into Animal Testing an journalist named Richard Girling entered Britain's secret labs to put the scientists rationale to the test. Going from each animals named tattooed across its chest, a unit of 900 people, and the painful truth you see the eyes of this article and what really goes on in the world.
If your at the store, walking down the street, or even as a human we all know that we can be so happy on the outside but deep down under there is something wrong. When talking about animals, you can see the cutest most innocent creature but deep down you don't know that they will be taking into institutions where there living brains and bodies will be used in research. Richard Girling went under cover to a lab where he couldn't name the building or where it was at. This was one of the few places where they let him see what was behind the doors. When it comes to animal testing they are saying that "the aim is a better understanding of the brain" (girling). There looking at both argument sides. Due to the fact that so many people are against this, but so many for they look at both arguments. The article shows an example of a story of a human name Mark Davies 45 years old who had Parkinson's disease for almost 15 years. Until thanks to a technique known as deep brain stimulation, which was pioneered in monkeys. So now we look at the side and fact's is a human more important than an animal? Monkeys versus Mark? If you Compare and detail the guilts about life, facts, and opinions mark wins by far. Argument number one, animal testing is a good thing and there is outcomes of it.
The audience that this journalist is aiming towards is everyone. He wants everyones opinion that comes to there mind on what they believe and think. This isn't an article that tells you what is right or wrong, this is an article that shows you what...