Anger Management

Jackson Wheat
December 7, 2010
Final Project
Final Project
Throughout this semester we have learned various ways of controlling our anger, and also ways to resolve conflict in the correct manner.   For our final project we were assigned to demonstrate a role-play with a partner.   The scenario that I chose to demonstrate was a situation in which two men, Eric and Jackson, lived in the same house and one roommate was not doing his part of cleaning up the house.   I confronted Eric about this situation one afternoon when we were sitting on the couch watching television.   He was a bit defensive in the beginning, but I managed to clarify what he wanted and was able to develop a plan of action to take care of this problem.   I made sure and restated the things that he was stating to make sure I took all of his concerns into consideration.   We managed to come to an agreement on each paying more attention to keeping the house clean, and that every Sunday afternoon we could get together and both clean the house and it would go by much faster and easier with two of us working on it at once.   I think the reason this conflict was resolved so easily is because of the environment that I brought up the issue in.   We were both in a very comfortable setting in our own house and there was no tension.  
There were many strategies that were used in solving this issue.   The ABC method was a major help in resolving this conflict.   I established trust in my roommate by talking to him about this issue while sitting on our couch in a very casual setting.   I also made sure and boiled down the issues and clearly stated what the problem was and offered suggestions to solving them as well as listening and asking him what his suggestions were to fixing this issue.   I also took in to consideration his concerns or worries and asked him several times if this was what he was okay with and so on.   After talking with him for a while we were both able to develop a game plan and come to an...