Angelou Crafts the Apprehensive Mood of the Occasion with Her Vivid Diction. Her Description of the Mood Being Apprehensive

In “Champion of the World”, Maya Angelou uses imagery, detail, and diction to convey her message. Angelou portrays that African Americans can be as good as, or better than white Americans. They can achieve what anybody would be able to achieve because their color does not mean that they are inferior to other peoples.
While reading the selection the reader feels as though they are actually in the bar with the people in the story. No matter what race one would feel pride for the blacks and their accomplishment that night. “The last inch of space was filled, yet people continued to wedge themselves along the walls of the Store.   Uncle Willie had turned the radio up to its last notch so that youngsters on the porch wouldn’t miss a word.   Women sat on kitchen chairs, dining-room chairs, stools, and upturned wooden boxes.   Small children and babies perched on every lap available and men leaned on the shelves or on each other.”(Page 88) Angelou describes the scene with such detail that the whole event seems memorable.
The Black community gathers the in the store to hear the live boxing match on the radio between the reigning black champion and the white contender. The result of this match will decide whether or not the blacks are inferior to the whites or not.
Writing Strategies
• Audience
Angelou’s audience ranges from other colored people to maturing teens to the whole educated population of this world.
• Purpose
To explain the importance of Louis’s victory for his people and to explain the frail confidence of the black community.
“The apprehensive mood was shot through with shafts of gaiety, as a black sky is streaked with lightning” (88).Angelou crafts the apprehensive mood of the occasion with her vivid diction. Her description of the mood being apprehensive with “shafts of gaiety” shows the hope of victoray combined with the fear of being forever proven inferior. The diction in this essay can go back and forth....