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      To: Pat Sutton


      Date: December 12, 2011

      Re: Cost Club Scenario One

      Dealing with the Problems

      The Anderson Cost Club store wanted to reduce their workforce by terminating two of their employees.   There is a possibility the employee may file a wrongful termination since the reason for their dismissal was not clearly noted.   The Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act was created to forbid discrimination on the basis of sex, race, color, religion or origin as it relates to hiring, promoting, salary, benefits and termination this law protects individual who are employed by corporations from wrongful termination based on those issues.   Employment downsizing has become an ongoing issue in work life with many companies struggling to keep cost down.   Employees are protected by employment laws,   which require companies to ensure the procedures used to make these decisions were just and fair.   This is an at-will state under the employment at-will; an employee can be terminated at any time and without cause. It is in the Anderson’s Cost Club best interest to inform their employee’s why he or she is being terminated as failure to do so could appear that a legitimate reason wasn’t given.   It is important to document the termination process this will provide legal protection if a legal issues arises.

      Regional CEO’s question about reducing employee cost

      Temporary workers are individuals hired to work a set schedule long enough to complete the immediate need of the employer.   A temp can be hired to work a day, week or often times for several months.   Many states maintain that temporaries cannot be employed in the same position for more than 12 months and be classified as a temporary. Temporaries are compensated for time worked without regard to the...