Ancient Egypt

Ancient History Sample Answer

a) Name TWO Egyptian gods. 2
Amun and Osiris were two gods worshipped during the New Kingdom.
This is a remembering task – who, what, where, when.

b) What was tribute? 2
Tribute was payments from vassal nations to ensure Egypt’s continued good favour, for example Nubia. It may be precious metals (gold) or gems, exotic animals, cedar or incense. However, according to the Egyptians, gifts from brother kings, imports from trade and even on occasion booty won during war were recorded as tribute on the walls of temples, for example, the goods gained from the trading expedition to Punt during Hatshepsut’s reign.
This is an understanding task – what.

c) Describe the importance of the army in this period. 5
The army was vitally important to the growth, maintenance, and support of the newly created Egyptian empire. Without the army Egypt would not have been able to create a viable buffer zone around the b lack lands of Egypt, thus ensuring that maat was maintained throughout the land.
Firstly the army was responsible for the creation of the empire. Using the weapons gained from the Hyksos the Egyptian army under the leadership of exceptional men like Thutmosis III were able to conquer their nearest neighbours, like the ‘wretched Kush’ and ‘vile Retennu. This ensured that Egypt would never again face the ‘ignominy of invasion’(Bradley). This buffer zone also led to increasing stability at home that was reflected in the building programs and artistic achievements of this period.
Secondly, through the creation of forts and garrisons throughout the empire, manned by squads of soldiers, the empire was able to create a strong support network of quick response and messenger teams. This meant that the Pharaoh was able to always keep in touch with what was occurring throughout his empire at any given moment and respond accordingly.
And finally, the wealth that flowed into Egypt from the booty and tribute meant the...