Ancestral Homes

Far Eastern University
Malabon Ancestral Homes and Lifestyle
Tourism Planning and Development
Balido • Dhutti • Lee • Navoa • Parrocha • Satera • Yun

Executive Summary:

We, Palminder Dhutti, Carmella Balido, Catherine Navoa, Astrid Parrocha, Andy Yun, HyunGee Lee, and Crizel Satera, are group of people who make a research and would like to come up a project that the goal is for the fast growth of the tourism industry by preserving the Ancestral Homes in Malabon. The challenge here is how we are going to do all of this preservation and maintenance in the place. Notorious by its seasonal flood, that is why the priority must be also in the environment. So, we can focus on the drainage systems that can help minimize this problem. By the help of the government, this project will be in success for the next years to come. As we value the image of the Philippines, we can introduce the history that this place brought here in our country that serves as a hidden treasure.

There is a bigger chance that this place will be well-known like other heritage sites here in the Philippines. Not that easy, but possible. It is a step by step process, first we must found out what we must consider before doing the advertisement or promotions for this attraction. The environment, possible target markets, the government, and many things. With the help of the government the development, regulatory and the reimbursement this will prevail for the goal of the Ancestral Homes.

The most effective way for all of this plans to be put into actions, there must be an authority to look up if the process is working. It is really critical to show that there is a team with appropriate set of skills to execute the plans with successful results. We’ll need a consultants or advisors to identify the effectiveness of the team that was built.

Vision-Mission Statements

With the growth of the country’s tourism and Malabon’s potential as tourism destination, has...