Analyzing the Industry Outlook of Wind Power in India-2014

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India Analyzing the Market Outlook of Wind Power
Global Share, Size, Trends, Growth, Analysis and
Segment Forecasts to 2014

The report highlights the significant potential for value creation along the different segments of the
value chain for technologies, including project planning, manufacturing, installation, grid connection,
operation and maintenance and decommissioning. Additional opportunities for value creation arise
from supporting activities, such as education and training, financing and policy making.
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To benefit fully from the socio-economic impacts of renewable energy, the right mix of cross-sectorial
policies, covering deployment and industrial policies,is needed. Building a domestic renewable energy
industry requires stimulating investments, strengthening firmlevel capabilities, promoting education and
training, and encouraging research and innovation.
Table Of Content
1.India’s Renewable Energy Position
1.1 Present India’s Energy Position
1.2 India’s Electricity Demand
1.3 Need for Renewable Energy in India
1.3.1 REC structure in India
1.3.2 Procurement process
1.3.3 Different types of REC’s in India
1.3.4 Costing of REC’s
1.3.5 Proper Flow diagram of REC’s Workfl ow

Hexa Reports
Market Research Reports and Insightful Company Profiles
1.3.6 RPO Regulations in India
1.4 Rural Electrifi cation
1.4.1 History
1.4.2 XIth Plan Achievements
1.4.3 XIIth Plan Targets
1.5 Road Ahead
2.India’s Wind Energy Sector
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Sector Size and Development
2.3 State Wise Wind Farmable Sites in India-2014
2.4 Wind-Energy Potential in India State-Wise-2014
2.5 Installed Capacity in India-2014
2.6 Installed Capacity State-Wise in India-2014
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