Analyze the Current Situation of Artificial Sand Industry

Currently, with the rapid development of the construction industry, the natural sand cannot meet the requirement of construction industry and other industries. Under this circumstance, artificial sand industry develops quickly. But influenced by the traditional sand making obsolete equipment and the serious pollution problems, the artificial sand industry is also faced with many difficulties and challenges in China.
With the accelerated development of China's industrial and urbanization, the consumption of the mine resource is also growing. The supply of mineral resources is in a state of tension, which causes a heavy burden to our country's economic development. Especially in the case of the strengthen of environmental production effort, the traditional sand making obsolete equipment cannot meet the high standard of production requirements, which resulting in the contradiction between the sand making machine industry supply and demand.
On the other hand, the sand making manufacturers are poorly equipped, the scale is small, and the concentration ratio is low. So it is difficult to form a production base scale. In addition, the artificial sand industry lacks systematic standard system. There is also no serious management of the industrial products, which causes the development direction of mining industry is unclear.
In the competitive era of artificial sand industry, the sand making companies should continuously attract the advanced technology and focus on the independent innovation and brand building to strengthen the management system and promote the optimization and upgrading of the industry. With the support of new technology, ZENITH will lead the artificial sand making industry to longer term development.