Analysis of the Poem Do Not Give Me Too Much of Your Love

The poet persona is making a passionate appeal to his lover not to make a mistake of giving him too much of her love. He confesses how short-lived his life is to that of a bird which is seem perching on structures and in no time is found no more. To the persona, life is ephemeral (very short) and besides full of disappointment.
He sees life as a rainbow with many colours and so attractive to see but it does not last for a long time. Here the persona is expressing how short attractive things or objects bring comfort to people when they are around, making one to become happy and satisfied as proclaimed in the line “I am a bird in flight…the arrow through your night”.
In stanza 3, the poet claim not to have been able to assist his lover in times of needs, that is to say to aid her when she needed him most as in “once the angels stole my cloth somewhere upon the clouds in the house of storms”. But today he is readily available almost everywhere even in the sky to help her. He brings with him glory and protection through the spread of his wings to overshadow her. It may be too late to do all these as he did not do them when she needed him most. Therefore, he confesses again to her lover, “do not give me too much of your love”.