Analysis of the Legal Environment

Assignment 6
Analysis of the legal environment

Group 3

Idsart Wytzes
Joost de Graaf
Petar Staykov
Dylan Engelbertink

Table of contents

1. Introduction Page 3

2. Inco Terms Page 4

3.1 Analyzing the conditions of Hansen Transmission Page 5
3.2 General conditions of sale of Hansen Transmissions Page 7

4.1 Analyzing the conditions of Chicago Metallic Page 10
4.2 General conditions of sale of Chicago Metallica Page 12

5. Relevant articles of the CISG Page 13

1. Introduction

In this assignment we are going to look at 2 general conditions of sale of two different companies. One of these companies is situated inside of the European Union, and one outside the EU.

Our first company is a company situated inside the EU. This company is situated in Belgium and goes by the name of Hansen Transmissions. Hansen Transmissions is a company who is specialized in wind turbines and industrial gearbox designer. The company is known worldwide.

Our second company is a company originating outside of the EU. The company is called Chicago Metallic and is situated in Chicago, Illinois in the USA. Chicago Metallic is a company who is specialized in baking products such as frying pans, bread pans, etc.

2. Inco Terms

Inco terms stands for International Commerce Terms. The name says it all. It simply is a standard for international trade. The terms make out who (the buyer or the seller) has to pay the various freight, taxes, insurance, etc costs.

The Inco terms that are explained below are those originating from the year 2000. There are new Inco terms called Inco terms 2010; these will be introduced in January 2011.

There are four groups of Inco terms, these are;
Group E, Departure
Group F, Main carriage unpaid
Group C, Main carriage paid
Group D, Arrival
|Incoterms                                                                                                                       |