Analysis of Sdt Waste and Debris Services Commercial

Who Thought Taking Out The Trash Could Be So Much Fun?
The commercial opens up to the average male doing a simple, yet necessary chore of taking out the trash. The brunette male has a black trash back casually thrown over his left shoulder. He walks to a dumper reading, “SDT Waste and Debris Services.” He lifts one of the two lids, only to be taken aback by the instant eruption of sound coming from below the lid. Curiosity gets the best of him and he tries for it a second time where the sound is so loud it blows back his hair.   The man recognizes this song as he lifts the lid for the third and final time. The music is the well-known Louisiana State University’s fight song, which was the attention-grabber for me. I know football is a huge part of my life, especially living in the Southeastern Conference. After an almost effortless toss of the trash into the dumpster, he breaks out into the moonwalk dance move and other various celebration style dance moves. A young freshly tanned young man appears in the bottom right corner saying “whoever thought taking out the trash would be so much fun?” From the free flowing humor to the issue of concern, SDT appeals to pathos, logos and ethos throughout their television commercial.
SDT Waste and Debris Services is owned by Louisiana resident, Sidney Torres IV.   Torres began his career as a real estate developer at a mere 20 years of age when he had his first project, which was renovating “shot-gun” houses in New Orleans. After his renovating expertise blossomed, tragedy struck New Orleans in the form of a massive hurricane named Katrina. Torres is one to take action in a time of need and thus was born SDT Waste and Debris Services. The city was in desperate need of debris clean up and they are to be credited for the French-Quarter in New Orleans, LA being clean. Still, to this day, SDT offers it’s services to New Orleans in order to keep the city clean. For example, the trucks you might see cleaning the streets after Mardi...