Analysis of National and Local Guidelines, Policies and Procedures for Safeguarding Affect the Day-to-Day Work.

Safeguarding is more than just protecting Children from Direct abuse. Any service that works with children and young people has a wider role than just simply protecting them from neglect and abuse.

The Staying Safe Action Plan recognises a number of important aspects in the Wider View:
· Keeping children safe from accidents.
· Crime and bullying.
· Forced marriages.
· Missing children.
· Actively promoting their welfare in a healthy and safe environment.
As childcare practitioners: Doing risk assessments and ensuring where ever children are, that they are kept safe and away from danger and that resources the children use are clean, safe and have the relevant safety marks. We have a duty to teach the children that crime is wrong and that no one should be bullied and if any child is being bullied to teach them to tell an adult and to also look out for sign of any bullying. We must actively promote their welfare in a healthy and safe environment.

There are also numerous Acts that have been set in Place to ensure the safeguarding and welfare of children and young people:
The Human Rights Act 1989
Does not specifically mention children’s rights but still covers them. some of our human rights are:
  · Right to an education
  · The right to life
  · Freedom form torture
  · Freedom from slavery
  · The right to liberty
  · They are your rights in your everyday life, what you can say or do, your beliefs,
  · Your right to a fair trial.
The Education Act 2002
Requires school governing bodies, local education authorities and further education settings to arrange safeguarding and promote child welfare.
The Boarders, Citizenship And Immigration Act 2009
Places a duty of the UK boarder agency to safeguard and promote child welfare.
Sex Offenders Act 1997
Better known as the sex offenders register and anyone on it has to notify the police of any changing of names and addresses.
The Sexual Offences Act 2003
Updated to include grooming,...