Analysis of a Magazine

Kayla Farley
Ms. Albright
Analysis of a Magazine: Real Simple
The magazine Real Simple promises help make life more simple. This magazine is much different than other magazines that are targeted towards their demographic. It is not a magazine that offers gossip or giving advice on the latest fashion trends from the runway.   Real Simple offers busy women ways to simplify their life including easy recipes, easy guide for finding clothes that are right for you, and inexpensive and easy ways to redecorate your living room.
The cover of Real Simple shows the reader what can be found inside. Unlike other magazines targeted towards the same demographic, this magazine keeps the cover simple. The May 2011 issue has a white cover with yellow flower on the cover. It does not show a picture of a model, or the latest fashion statement. This appeals to readers that do not want to compare themselves to the ideal image of a woman. This magazine is for woman who are comfortable with who they are, and want to better themselves through the articles that are found inside. The cover advertises articles like “17 dinners ready in 15 minutes or less” and “warm-weather skin savers”. Unlike other magazines, it does not have a glossy cover. It has a matte finish to show the reader that it isn’t like the other magazines.
Inside the magazine differs from the demographic norm as well. The advertisements within are not for alcohol or expensive jewelry. The advertisements are for breast cancer awareness, pet food, and home improvement stores. It isn’t just the content that is simple. The layout is simple as well. Every issue is laid out the same. It starts with life lessons. Then it moves on to a guide for fashion, home, health, and money. Finally, it has a large section for food.
The articles do not focus on what the reader should obtain. It focuses on how to better the reader’s life by showing the reader what she can buy to help organize her life, cheap and fast...