Analyse 'Treasure' Baskets and Discuss Their Importance in Child Development.

Treasure Baskets were invented and created by Elinor Goldschmied. It is a collection of everyday and natural objects which aims to offer stimulus through the senses and sensorial exploration. Items in the basket should vary in weight, size, texture, colour, taste, temperature and sound and all the items are chosen to stimulate one or more of the five senses.

Children should explore Treasure Baskets, using their senses, to discover what an object is, what it feels they like, what it smells like (sometimes what it tastes like!) and to absorb the external knowledge and build an understanding of the world that surrounds them, they learn through sensory exploration and their individual experiences. Children love touching, sucking, smelling, licking, banging, picking up and dropping. It's a fun way to play for young children and uses their curiosity to educate them. Treasure baskets aim to aid a child's development through a range of stimulus offered in each basket, it's a simple, well known, fun and very effective way of enhancing the early experiences of a child and helps them to understand differences and show preference.

Through using treasure baskets babies learn to make choices, children gain reassurance from being able to choose, select, reject and return objects independently. Decision making is an important skill to develop from an early age, whilst exploring the basket it is only the child's individual choice pushed by natural curiosity for exploration. They also help them to develop their concentration and children absorb the outside environment like a sponge. When focused on activity children can concentrate on self chosen task for extended period of time. They also encourage problem solving as children pick up and drop objects again and again to test the sound that they make, to find about an objects properties eg. hard, soft, breakable. They build on childrens observations and communication whilst they watch each others reactions to items, they swap...