Analise the Purpose of Assessment


This essay will answer the question why do teachers teach? It will look at the different stages of assessment used within Leonard Cheshire disability and how these assessments meet the needs of the individuals on the course.
Petty believes that the majority of all successful learning comes from experiences (petty 2009). This can be linked to Kolb’s learning cycle. He describes that in order to learn from experience, the learners needs to reflect on their understanding and experiences- be it positive or not. The first assessment is carried out in the initial stages of employment; this allows any needs that the learner has to be supported. It also allows any previous experience the learner has to be taken on board. For example the level of moving and handling training the learner depends on their abilities and experience. Without this assessment it would be unclear at which stage the learner was at and how a trainer could help them to move on with their learning.
There are different types of assessment. Initial and diagnostic, this tends to take place at the start of a course or during induction.   Formative is an on going assessment running along side the course. It is used to ensure that learning is and has been successful. It also allows trainer’s the opportunity to offer feedback to the learners on their progress. “Careful feedback can motivate, enlighten and provide a vehicle for development. Bad feedback can destroy confidence.”(Wilson.l pg118).During first aid training I observe the learners carrying out role plays this, allows me to assess there skill levels and ensure that they have understood the instruction. By giving positive feedback it can motivate students who lack confidence to reach that self actualisation as stated in Maslow’s Hierarchy. (Maslow, A (1954) pg236)   Summative assessments measures learning at the end of the course. This measures the skills of the learner and also the trainer. During first aid and...