An Ode to William Wordworth


An Ode to William Wordsworth:
The Life and Works of William Wordsworth

Cody G. Daniels


William Wordsworth


William Wordsworth was, in my eyes one of the best know romanticist writers of his time. Most of his pieces talk about nature and religion. It is for the religious aspect of his poetry and literature that I feel so strongly towards him as an author. Wordsworth is considered a romantic writer because his writings were very imaginative, emotional, and visionary. He regularly discussed poetry with his friend Samuel Coleridge, who at the time was also a romantic writer. In their time as friends they wrote and discussed many poems. For myself I would love to have had the opportunity to been such a friend of Wordsworth for I feel like I could‟ve learned a lot from him. That being said, I feel an even greater appreciation for his work because of the knowledge which I have of the restored gospel. Oftentimes Wordsworth is quoted by the general authorities of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in General Conferences, and is considered to be the most quoted romantic poet in such conferences. In fact, President Thomas S. Monson, a man who has spent his life within the world of literature, said of Wordsworth‟s view of the gospel “William Wordsworth, the revered poet, captured in verse a glimpse of this glorious”. An amazing detail to the life of Wordsworth to me is that although he began to write poetry while attending school, not one of his poems was published due to his young age. This is evidence that from the beginning William Wordsworth was destined to have part in several classics that would touch the lives of millions everywhere. Throughout history many have considered nature to be the true temple of God, clearly Wordsworth felt this way too as evidenced with his love of nature and its role in the spiritual realm of life. Some feel that Wordsworth's powerful writing connected with his love for nature is