An Introduction of the Newest Sand Making Machine

Hongxing gravel mining machinery sand washing machine equipment is essential for sand production line equipment, sand washing machine main feed hopper, dosing hanger, eddy crushing chamber, impeller, shaft assembly, chassis, transmissions and other components of the sand washing machine of these components, the impeller plays a crucial role, it is equivalent to sand washing machine in the heart, but he is also the most vulnerable parts. Easy to adjust the particle size of sand , design more humane.Stone at stone principle , energy efficient , high crushing efficiency.

Impact sand aggregate making plant has experienced several decades of development, has formed the ability to change the status quo, compared with sand aggregate making plant the previous equipment, Hongxing Impact sand aggregate making plant mechanical engineering research and development, sales and service more of the body, product diversification. And a lack of demand due to rising construction materials currently natural sand , so using artificial sandhas become a consistent market demand.Shanghai Hongxing sand making machine professional and provide the most days for every customer , geography of river gravel sand production line solutions , providing the highest cost of sand making equipment .

I designed the stone production line , successfully applied in limestone, basalt , granite, pebbles and other rock crushing process .Energy efficient environmentally friendly sand crushing equipment is bound to make a great contribution to the infrastructure . By optimizing the design of the new mechanism of sand production companies , resource development legalized, efficient use of resources .mechanisms sand making production line works: After the material into the body , the high quality at high speed rotating hammer blow hammer material is crushed , crushed material in the inertial force , flying sieve or bounce back after the board , was hit again and hammer materials falling into the lower part...