An Inspector Calls - Act 1

Act One of An Inspector Calls is set in the home of the Birling family. We join them one evening in 1912, just as they have finished a dinner to celebrate the engagement of Sheila Birling to Gerald Croft.
Arthur Birling is a mill owner and former mayor and alderman. He seems to be a self-made man, but also well connected in the local area. He’s opinionated and a bit brash, definitely new money. He’s very pleased with the engagement of his daughter to Gerald Croft because Gerald is the son of Lord and Lady Croft.
Sybil Birling, the wife of Arthur Birling, is of a higher social class than her husband and seems embarrassed by him at times, such as when she reprimands him for complimenting the cook in front of Gerald.
Sheila Birling is in her twenties. At the start she seems very pleased with her life but quite blinkered.
Eric Birling is in his early twenties. He is a drunk, possibly an alcoholic.
Gerald Croft is about thirty and good looking. He is the son of Lord and Lady Croft and assists in the running of their mill business.
Edna is the Birling’s maid. Although she’s present for the revelations that occur in act one, the family don’t seem to think of her as a human being, she’s a servant.
Inspector Goole purports to be a police inspector that has recently moved to the area. He is in his fifties and is not swayed by Mr Birling’s claims that he has influential friends. He takes charge of situations and systematically confronts the Birling’s with the evidence he has.
Eva Smith is a pretty woman with dark brown eyes and soft brown hair. She died after drinking cleaning liquid.

After dinner the ladies leave the men to their port, and Mr Birling has a man to man chat with Eric and Gerald, telling them that a man should look after himself and his family, not the wider community. As he’s saying this, the doorbell rings. Edna the maid answers the door and introduces Inspector Goole. The Inspector is there to investigate the death of Eva Smith, who died earlier...