An Inconvient Truth

An Inconvenient Truth
Film Review
By Dianna Stephens
American Government 2301
June 3, 2010

Released in 2006,   the movie “An Inconvenient Truth” grossed over $15 million dollars. In the movie director Davis Guggenheim documents the desires of Al Gore to present solutions on the different effects of global climate change, it also offers scientific truths along with practical solutions.   What made the film effective is the fact that Al Gore uses different media including the internet to promote it. Gore uses the information he retrieved from the internet and other available resources to educate audiences all over the world on the effects of climate changes. As Gore tells of his families traumas that happened because of the environment such as his sister’s death from lung cancer, one can understand the heart and soul Gore pours into the movie and his commitment to the cause of climate change.
In the movie Al Gore expounds on the problems of environmental pollution and the depletion of resources, especially air and water, which have been serious issues for several years. Gore emphasizes the urgent call for all citizens to get involved in helping to find remedies to solve the problems, or at least alleviate their negative impact from causing further destruction to the lives of humans and animals.  
One weakness of the film is that people are still unaware of the truths behind the issue and instead are seeing Gore’s own personal motives and desires to seek solutions to the problem. Some experts dispute some of the claims in the movie, they say that the film assumes that science is settled when it is not. Livermore acknowledges that in the past century the average global temperature increase by 0.6C. This may not be alarming to some but in reality, the levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere have also increase because of the use of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas. Thus, warming would really be the result. Sectors such as the IPCC believe that...