An Essay Comparing Two Poems Sea Moaning and Sea Fever

An Essay Comparing Two Poems Sea Moaning and Sea Fever.

The poems Sea Moaning and Sea Fever are both about how the poet feels towards the sea. Sea Moaning is a more modern poem, where the poet is expressing negative feelings about the pollution humans are feeding the sea. Whereas the early 20th century one is about the poet putting a more exciting, romantic view across about the sea.
    In Sea Moaning the poets view and opinions of the sea, are making points of what humans do daily to pollute the sea and all negative things us “beings” do. This has an effect which makes the reader feel guilty as no positive comments are made. Also the way words are phrased (modern slang) sets a serious kind of tone e.g “I’m sick of being slicked”. But in Sea fever the voice of the poem (poet) has more pleasant and positive views about the sea, making the reader create good feelings about the sea.
    Sea Moaning is a more modern poem as stated in the introduction earlier, so slang words are interpreted into almost every line e.g “sick of being slicked” which gives a sort of annoyed, fed up kind of tone and effect, whereas Sea Fever has a more formal style of words which sets a more polite and happy tone and effect, changing the mood totally to what Sea Moaning sets.
    Both poets use a variety of techniques to present their ideas. Sea Moaning uses personification throughout the poem e.g “So humans I’m in a huff” of course the sea can’t be in a huff so this creates a vision of the sea alive which only imagination can make possible. Personification is also used in Sea Fever “Windy day with the white clouds flying by” develops the idea that clouds are flying around in the sky meaning their alive.
  Alliteration is involved in both poems as well. The alliteration used in Sea Moaning is used like tongue twisters to add to the humorous effect of the sea getting fed up of all our disowned waste. In Sea Fever alliteration is used to make it sound slower as your pronouncing every...