Amy Tan

Amy, Tan Essay

In the story ,” What Your Closet Reveals About You ,“ by Amy Tan reveals a psychoanalysis of a person based upon how your closet is set up and stocked. She was at a benefit luncheon and looked into the owners closet and saw how organized it was. For example the woman has name tags and segregated sections in her closet. This is a great analysis on her personality disorder, because Tan makes an assumption that the woman will never get married. This accusation is based on the fact that she allows no wrinkles and uncoded shoe boxes in her closet. After Tan is done psychoanalyzing the woman’s closet, she then evaluates her own. She comes to realize that her own closet is messy and disorganized. In this situation she goes into a Sigmund Freud psychoanalysis comparing an ego to a super ego.With these two psychoanalysis Tan decides to get a new housekeeper   to help her organize her closet. Once she returned from one of her many trips the housekeeper had transformed her closet by purchasing a couple storage containers and other equipment like matching hangers. Once she sees the organization of clothes   she starts to see that she has a pattern of buying the same clothes repetitively. In this self realization Amy Tan compared this experience to why she enjoys writing stories. While she works through the mess, she gradually puts aside what is no longer meaningful, what is overused, and what is overly sentimental. In this case in both situations she has a clear sense of who she is and memories of what helped her become that way. This is why I can relate to her, because my friend Quincie’s closet I can deduct a lot about her personality.

My friend Quincie is a fashion major, and has a lot of clothes to match her love for clothing. Getting a glimpse of her closet I see bundles of colors and various unique styles. She revealed to me that her closet is organized from oldest garments to her newest clothing . Quincie’s   closet is similar to   the Venture...