Amnesty for illegal immigrants is defined as a government pardon for violating policies related to immigration. Amnesty would allow illegal immigrants to gain permanent residency in the United States.   The question is whether or not the US should create an amnesty program.   Over the next few minutes I am going to explain to you why this amnesty program is not the solution.
The costs of this program would be expensive.
  1. Roughly 2.6 trillion
  2. Because illegal immigrants using government services which is expensive.
      a. Medicaid
      b. Food assistance programs
      c. Federal prison
      d. Court systems
  3. These programs cost money and to help fund them for the newly free immigrants’ taxes would rise for all.
  4. Amnesty Fraud
This amnesty may seem “unfair” to others.
  1. An amnesty program rewards people for breaking the law
  2. Would almost encourage immigrants to come illegal.
  3. May in fact cause more illegal immigration in the long run
  4. The wages would decrease overall in the U.S.
  5. Illegal immigrants take jobs for lower pay.
  6. Illegal immigrants will work for one-tenth of an American
  7. Which will make American work for less to get a job during this time of recession
Mexico’s quality of life is overall lower than U.S’s, thus the amnesty program may lower the U.S.’s quality of life.
  1. International living . com
  2. Quality of Life
      a. Literacy Rate
      b. Life-Expectancy
      c. Cost of living
      d. Leisure and culture
      e. Economy
      f. Environment
      g. Freedom health
      h. Governemnt
      i. Risk and safety
      j. Climate
Scale of 100
I hope you all now have a better understanding of why amnesty of illegal immigrants may not be the right decision.   I mentioned previously, the reasons vary from cost, unfairness, wages, and the U.S’s overall quality of life may decrease.   This is why I do not support the amnesty program and I hope...