American Vets Essay

Why We Should Honor American Vets
We should honor American's veterans, because if we did not have these soldiers defending this country like we’ve had since the founding days of this country, we could be in a Nazi country, or still ruled by Great Britain. These Soldiers, Sailors, Jet Fighters, Marines, and Coast Guards have been ready to stand in the way and stare into the evilness of the enemy ready to kill or be killed to keep this country free. They made the courageous and brave sacrifices to leave their family and friends behind and their life just to make sure no harm comes our way because if it were not for these strong brave men and women fighting and dying for everything here, then nobody would. While you are wondering this, there is a soldier, sailor, jet fighter, marine, or coast guard millions of miles away from his or her family knowing there is a possibility of never seeing them again. Think about every war that was fought in this country. The Revolutionary War: gave us our freedom from Britain. The Civil War: reunited a separate nation, and ended slavery too. World War II: Stopped the evil rampage of Hitler across the world. He killed millions of people not just Jews! Iraq: took an evil dictator who was killing his own people (and was a threat to the world in general) out of power and are helping the nation bring peace to each other. World War I, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan. Again and again our soldiers helped protect the people of not only our great nation, but countries and people all over the world. This is why our veterans need to be honored, celebrated, and recognized. It is our generation’s responsibility to make sure that our veterans are honored and never forgotten.