American Isolationism Fades from the Forces of Technology

American Isolationism Fades from the Forces of Technology

Catherine Morrison

HIS204: American History Since 1865 (GSN1228C)

Instructor:   Kimberly Roff

August 16, 2012

American Isolationism Fades From the Forces of Technology

America has changed dramatically in the last century.   Technological advances have changed the lives of all American people.   Technology has transformed American commerce, communication, education, and society.   Since 1865, we have progressed into a National giant with global dominance, nationally accessible information, and an open collaborative education system.   These advances along with others have come close to ending American isolationism.   The American people are no longer physically isolated from the rest of the world due to advances in communication. They are no longer isolated from   visiting far off places due to advances in the transportation industry. American's can now access information and education across the globe. Yes, technology has changed the American way.   According to Alexandra Robbins (2002), “Technology can be credited with breaking many communication barriers—physical, geographical, economic—and profoundly changing the way we interact with one another.   It has put us on the course to universal accessibility, ….”(Technology in America, PC   Technology, with it's many devices and avenues, has brought about changes and endless possibilities. Today, the American life has countless opportunities that enhance their experience of living, and broadens their American dream. Technology has gleamed upon us as physical and intellectual   isolationism fades away.

1865, the first   year of the Reconstruction era; A time for healing.   America had just ended a war within itself.   Four tortuous years the North fought the South and many Americans died senselessly.   It was a war over equality and freedom,the blacks...