American Football

American football is a unique sport, i think. It’s seems that many people in America have fascinated by this sport. NFL is one of the big league for an American professional footballer, which newspapers, magazines, and sports programmers have a high rating for covering the news. American football is one of the biggest sport in the world, and many players had remembered as heroes for their successfull career at team.
For some reason, i found this sport was so entertaining (especially for men) because it is a high-offensive sport.
The objective of the game is to score points by advancing the ball into the opposing team’s end zone. The ball can be advanced by running with it or throwing it to a teammate. There are allowance of four downs per possession, then vice-versa it to the opposition team if the offensive team had succeed or failed in their own possession. The other team then start to defend the end zone. Not a very hard rule to understand, moreover the defensive team allowed to do a physical contact, like tackle. That’s why the emotion flowing on the game was so strong.Teamwork, tactics, and a great physical srength are three poins that very needed to conquering a victory for the match.
However, there’s also a negative side to american football. Altough the players wear protective equipment such as helmet, shoulder pads, and body protector, it seems this sport have a higher injury and death rate than most other major American professional sports. For example, many players currently in the NFL have needed surgery to repair injuries that might have otherwise ended their careers. Moreover, there is some research, reported in 2009, which, using phone interviews based on the National Health Interview Survey, showed increased incidence of diagnosis of memory loss and dementia among retired professional football players. Such symptoms are believed related to the effects of concussion.
In my conclusion, I’m personally still have a favor for agressive sports like...