American Constituition

The Constitution of
United States of America

Article I
The Legislative branch made up of two equivalent houses and creates The Congress of The United States.   This is known as bicameral legislature.   These two houses or branches are known as The Senate and The House of Representatives.   The Legislative branch is very large.   What bicameral legislature does, is that it splits up the power of the branch evenly to the two houses, and they come together to make executive decisions dealing mainly with money.   The House of Representatives are chosen every second year by the people of several states.   Section two, paragraph 3 states that the people of the house are elected based upon the population census.   Each state however, shall have at least one representative; New Jersey for example has four representatives.   Bluntly speaking, The House of Reps. Was designed to solely represent the people, it was made up of the people, and was a fair way of showing that the people had control over what was happening in the Legislative branch.   The Senate on the other hand represents the state itself, not necessarily the people in it.   The Senate consists of two people from each state, and these two people are chosen for a term of six years.   The vice president also sits in on the Senates meetings which are held at a minimum of once a year on the first Monday in December.   Every two years however, the Senate has one third of its members re-voted due to term deadlines and vacancies.   Each house can also make its own rules as well for proceedings and punishments.   Both houses have some pull with the government.   The original cause of the immunities laws was to have all members always present when congress is in session.   Members of the house and of the senate are excused of all crimes except for treason, felony, and the breach of peace.   The House of Reps. is the first to see all bills and then sent to congress tp see what they thing of it, and then congress meets and votes...