American Car

Cars have been playing   an important role for a human life in parallel   with development of technology. Ever since the first car was invented in late 1800’s, its technology had been much improved time by time with a high speed till   it got   a   modern cars that people use in daily life at the present times.
As long as the industries grow faster and become bigger, every single person can be transported very easily and comfortably to anywhere in the world and also   interests of the drivers have became different. There are 1 billion 250 million vehicles in the world and this number is too many for 7 billion people.
Besides people want faster and   stronger car, a good appearance of car is becoming important. Because of human interesting,   engineers are working very hard   on car’s speed and improvement of its design. Those vehicles   differ from each other for   for profit uses. One of the profit uses is to use a car   for sport. Sport cars are usually bought from the buyers who love car but they are not used for daily purposes as it has a huge strong V8 motor which requires too much diesel.
However sport cars are usually more expensive and   dangerous than other kind of cars. Sports cars give people driving satisfaction and feeling of freedom which makes   you feel better on the road and mostly young people   want. In the world there are two major leaders in the car industry: American and European sport cars. In other word, there is a rivalry between these two major leaders.
It is all business if there is a costumer, more cars will be produced. Some costumers do not have any knowledge about car and they have a dilemma   between the American and European models. That is a complicated and it depends on the sales numbers , not only the speculation of the cars to determine which model is better. European cars provide the exotic appearance and luxury.   Especially, the german cars   are proven to be   for its excellency.
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