Ulysses S. Grant
Ulysses S. Grant was one of the most distinguished generals of the Civil War Era. Born April 27, 1822, he was brought up even as a child as a military man. Educated at West Point Military Academy, this would add to his reputation. During his time as general of the Confederate Army he lead many battles and sieges against the union, for example his campaign of Vicksburg, which would later be known as in history as the one of the greatest military campaigns in history. (1)
The fight of the North and South
The battle between the North and South had boiled into a war because of Governmental disputes. With most of the southern States Secceding, because of the abloishment of slavery among other things, the most obvious thing would be to expect war. With the North having numbers on there side, and the South with its great generals this War would be one for the history books. With president Abrham Lincoln campaining against the expanison of slavery, casued many southern gov. officals to beome frustrate with the way the country they were part of was going. So their only descion was to secced. Blood was shed first on April 12, 1861 at fort sumter in South Cariolina , this would be a starting point for many bloody battles to occur during the War, but soon after n 1862 Lincoin instituted the Emancipation Proclamation which ended slavery for all states in America, including the Southern countries where Slavery prone to happen. The Civil war was truelt the first Industial war, with the development of rail roads, and fire arms this war had to properties of a great battle either side. But, in the end, the north would prevail. The South would join America again, and Slavery would be once and for all, Abolished. (2)

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