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Background and personal aspects that I support about Al Gore is that he seems to really want to keep up to date and continue to learn more about anything and everything. I think that that is a great characteristic to have in a president. The only think that I would be worried about is whether or not he would carry that great thing to have into the presidency or if it is just something that he will throw away once he gets all the power he is looking for. Another thing that I like about him is that even though he doesn’t fully agrees with what the country is doing he is still willing to stay with it. The example of Vietnam, he didn’t like the idea he was still willing to volunteer his time to it. Al Gore has some very good strengths. I would have to say that this article doesn’t really give any hard core bad strengths about him though.   I really like how he supposedly turned himself around from a person who had “no economic vision” to what he   is today.
This article really seems to favor Al Gore over George W. Bush. There were many things listed in the paragraphs that talked about things that he has done wrong with a sentence or two stating that he has done right. Many people would say that they like the fact that he is really into his religious faith. Being one who doesn’t look at things like that, I wouldn’t really care. I don’t like Bush in the first place, so it is hard to find thing about him that I would support. I do however like the fact that he seems to be very hard working. He doesn’t seem like the person I personally would want to be president, based on this article.
Based purely on background and experience alone, I would vote for Al Gore to be the nations next president. A person would have to take into consideration that this article seems to favor him in the first place, before they could truly judge their opinion.


Gore VS. Bush on:

A. Taxes -
Assuming that from now on there will be a surplus in...