America History

George Hawthorne      
                                                              His:204 American History Since 1865            
                                                                    American History 1865-1876
                                                                            Dennis Magnuson
                                                                              October 17,2010

          American History is an interesting course to study.   Throughout this essay I will discuss
the life of the African American and the obstacles they faced from 1865- 1876. I will provide
you with different examples, as well as discuss my own thoughts about the things they faced.
This essay will also cover the slavery days and provide you with how rough the African
American had it from 1865- 1876.  
          Depending on one’s perspective, perhaps the Reconstruction period was the best or the
worst time in history, especially for the progression of those individuals who considered
themselves, African Americans. Throughout time, the relationship between blacks and whites
were, and in many cases, still remains particularly intense. The period of 1865-1876 proved to be
a time of change that offered limited possibilities agitated by the mental illness of racism that
often propelled darkness and despair. This was the   reconstruction period that centered around
slavery and of course, cotton. The land owners made their living from the crops of cotton they
raised, or shall I say the African Americans raised.
            The blacks were owned by the white man and made to work from sun up to sun down in
the fields. Most days they didn’t even get a meal to eat, but instead they were beat and made to
do things against their will. Some of the blacks would even get up before they were suppose to
so they could escape the beatings they received each morning before they went to the fields. This
life and time shaped history as...