Amazon.Com Is Not a Pernicious Influence

First of all I would like to use the oxford dictionary to define the motion that the amazon is pernicious that is having a harmful effect, especially in a gradual of subtle way we as team opposition say that it is not a pernicious influence for several reasons.

For example, it is more convenient for people as they would not have to travel several kilometers for an item. However Amazon is different with Amazon you are able to buy an item online for a cheaper price and also with absolutely no effort at all, ladies and gentlemen doesn’t this show that this is convenient and that this is beneficial for several people.

In fact a physical survey was conducted by the that showed that 90% of the customers have said and chosen Amazon is better and is a first resort of shopping for them. Well ladies and gentlemen this figure of 90% is overwhelming and clearly shows that Amazon is widely chosen for convenient reasons and that many people are choosing it over physical shopping as physical shopping may and is not as convenient as Amazon.

Another point I would like to state ladies and gentlemen is that Amazon let’s you compare the prices and you are able to buy it from different dealers who may be competing against each other this is not only a great thing for the people who buy their products from different dealers but also the dealers are given a platform to be given to start a small business

This ladies and gentlemen brings me onto my next point ladies and gentlemen which is about opening small businesses yes, I do understand that side proposition do have a valid argument saying that Amazon will be responsible for the killing of several small businesses but don’t you think that actually that this can be and soon will be the making and start for small businesses as many people who are unable to sell their products as they do not have enough money to spend on making a small shop and selling there items, would be left unsupported.

Now ladies and...