Amazon.Com Evolution Evolution
Shanina Barnwell, Shrell Brooks, Sarah Calvert, Nick Karaba and Christine Shawger
July 19, 2010
University of Phoenix
BIS 219 Business Information Systems
Bud Stinson Evolution
Jeffrey P. Bezos had a vision of creating an online bookstore that would surpass all competition and revolutionize the retail industry.   The result was, which was found in 1994 and what a success it has become.   Amazon began as the basic idea of retailing millions books, music, movies online and because of Amazon’s growth and rapid changing of times it has evolved into a retailer of many products from toys to groceries to auto parts.   As a result, there has been much discussion on whether Amazon has moved away from its core competency. In this paper our team will discuss Amazon’s revolutionary moves and the effects its moves have had.
Core Competency
Amazon has moved in a new market and direction, however has obeyed their core competencies: Customer Convenience and accessibility, massive selection, personalized service, quality search tools, price and the quality of their website. Customer’s across the world has the convenience to purchase anything from a New York best seller novel to the newest technology for your car. Their website offers a vast selection of products and now are expanding into new markets and building competencies within. Amazon is now venturing in the markets of on-line auctions, electronics, customization of customer needs and greeting cards. Due to being an on-line based company, they must ally themselves with internet technology companies such as, and to assist with the quality of the search tools and the overall flow of the website. These companies are developing tools for the Amazon’s internet market and are assisting them with leverage and growth within their existing core competencies and help expand services and selections to customers worldwide.   It is important...