Alvin and the Chipmunks

Alvin and his brothers Simon and Theodore are chipmunks and were living in a fir tree.   Around Christmas the tree they lived in was cut down and brought to an office building in Los Angeles.   Dave Seville, a songwriter, had a meeting in that same building the next day.   He was late for the meeting, the meeting was not good and his boss Ian wanted him to write better music and not just copy other people’s songs.   Dave was very unhappy and left the office with a box of cookies.  

At home, he sat in front of his TV when suddenly he saw three coffee cups moving on the counter!   “Those things can’t be moving”, Dave thought to himself and kept watching TV.   But the cups started moving again.   Now Dave jumped up and was trying to see what was hiding under the moving cups.   But when he held one of the cups there was nothing under it because the chipmunks that were under the cups had run away.  

A couple of days later, Dave captured the chipmunks and threw them outside.   It began to rain and the chipmunks started to sing, so that Dave would let them back inside the apartment.   It worked!   Being a songwriter, Dave recognized the chipmunks’ talent, and he wanted them to sing his songs.   The chipmunks were so happy that they were back in the house again and they sang and danced for Dave.  

The next day, Dave put the chipmunks in a box and brought them to his boss Ian.   But the chipmunks did not sing for Ian.   In fact, Ian did not believe Dave at all and sent him back home.   Dave was very unhappy and yelled at the chipmunks.   He explained to them why he needed them to sing in front of Ian.   The chipmunks agreed to perform the next time.   The following week the chipmunks sang and danced for Ian who was so impressed that he wanted the chipmunks to record a CD.  

  There was a misunderstanding and the chipmunks thought Dave does not love them anymore.   They went to Ian to record their songs.   But Ian put them in a cage and forced them to sing many songs every day.   He...