Alternatives Fuel Paper

Fuel Alternatives Paper

Joe Mosier



Lisa Johnson

As a country we have grown very dependent on oil to sustain our daily lives. We have placed so much demand on oil that we have begun to use more in the USA then we produce. The people in this country need to really take a long, hard look at what is going on and realize that we simply cannot keep up this pace for very much longer. We need to not only come up with new ways but enhance some ideas that we already have in coming up with new sources of energy that will benefit our economy and the stability of the world.

What is Oil?
crude oil: flammable liquid that is naturally occurring, which consists of hydrocarbons of varying molecular weights along with many other organic compounds, found deep underground. Also known as Fossil Fuels, Conventional Fuels, Petroleum, Black Gold
Crude oil is the lifeblood of our society. The technical term for crude oil is Petroleum. Petroleum comes from deep underground, where millions of years of geological processes have decomposed, compressed and cooked ancient biological matter. After oil is extracted from the ground resevoir it is refined into several by-products including: gasoline, jet fuel, diesel fuel, kerosene, butane, propane, asphalt and tar. Crude oil also holds the building blocks for many other products like: plastics, pesticides, fertilizers, construction, mining, pharmaceuticals, and technology.
Where to Start?
I think this is the most asked question on how we are to come up with new ideas and technologies to service this country. First, I think we need to begin looking at all of the options that we have out there right now. We don’t need to overextend ourselves but, rather focus on coming up with something that will actually work. It should be determined what are the most reachable goals and are these goals in line with helping us not only now but, down the line.
What Can I Do?
People need to understand that they can make a...