Alternative Proposals for Tough Gun Control Law Is the Solution

Alternative Proposals for Tough Gun Control Law is the Solution
As violence and crime rate continue to increase, debates on tougher gun control also continue to escalate. While it is a popular notion that more weapons mean more gun-related injuries, many people vehemently oppose restriction on their freedom to own guns. Tougher gun control is an issue that is seen as black and white, though it is not. It is true that these dangerous weapons entails greater responsibility on the owner’s part. What I don’t understand is that we immediately opt to either say yes or a definite no, while saying yes means completely banning civilians to obtain guns. Saying yes on gun control absolutely does not mean a total ban. We can still buy and acquire these weapons for personal defense, while at the same time following strict policies for check and balance.

Data on weapons effect does not prove correlation
A psychological view known as weapons effect has been the basis for laws in gun control. The theory suggests that weapons can induce aggressive behaviour with tendencies to inflict harm when exposed with weapons (especially guns) for a relative time. While this is a good point, some studies have criticized its assumptions for its ecological validity (results cannot be used to conclude real life applications) perhaps due to the nature of the study itself. Still some argue that weapons effect does the opposite results according to other studies. For instance, results described by Kates and Mauser (2006) from data by the United Nations International Study in Firearms Regulation in 1997 presents developed nations (Norway, Finland, Germany, France, and Denmark) with high rates of gun ownership yet with relatively low crime rates (Kates & Mauser, 2006).
Furthermore, just two months ago (19th of October 2015), a majority of our countrymen supported stricter gun controlling sales, according to a Gallup poll (Damora, 2015). This was generated from 1,015 adults aged 18 and above in...