Alternative Medicane

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

HLSC 3370

June 30, 2010

The Complementary and Alternative website I chose to evaluate was the The Cancer Institute website ( The site is split up into several different sections, such as: types of cancer, coping with caner, prevention of cancer, etc.   In total, there are 7 tabs.   The “Cancer Topics” tab contains a “Treatment” section, with a “Complementary and Alternative Medicine” subsection.   In all there are 10 sections, containing over 50 subsections..   Pictures are kept to a minimum on the site, but all the pictures contain people smiling.   The color scheme is red, which commercially symbolizes love and care.   The esthetics of the page are good.   All the font faces are readable and clear.   In the References at the bottom of the page, there are several external links, as well as a works cited.

The site gave a general FAQ overview of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Cancer Treatment; it is very informative and gives the general ideas of CAM.   The one thing missing is information on how the patient, or family, can go about seeking CAM.   All it does is describe and define it.   The HCP may also want information about CAM; such as: whether or not it is covered by insurance, or whether you are able to get a tax-break for practicing CAM.

I feel it would be inappropriate to present this information to the Health Care Administration, only because the information found on this website is insufficient.   It gives a great overview of the topic, but several specifics were missing. I believe that the website is a great starting point and going in the right direction for CAM research.


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