Alternative Funding

Alternative Funding                                                                                                                       1

Checkpoint: Alternative Funding
Lisa Thieshen
January 8, 2011

Alternative Funding                                                                                                                         2
After doing some research on non-traditional funding and alternatives to other grants, I have realized that there is many other ways of receiving monies other than through the government grants I have applied for. While waiting for approvals of government grants for my agency, I am also trying to find other ways of raising money for my PEACE Domestic Violence Agency.
Our community has funds through smaller organizations that we can acquire to help our community such as Community Action Center. We have fundraiser’s going on such as bake sells; we have an upcoming carwash drive to help with our budget and programs. We are taking orders for candles to help raise money for the victims in our community, anything we can do to help, we are doing. Our community has volunteers that are recruiting friends and family members to volunteer in our activities to raise money.
Our community has churches and private donors that are interested in helping their own community. The money that is raised and all donations stay in the community, we have to propose to them the dire need of such money, and assure that all money will be used for the purpose stated. Approaching such churches with the required information has helped our agency in previous years. The nontraditional funding is available to us, as long as we are willing to look for it and strive regardless to make our community a safer place for victims and their families of domestic abuse.