All I Want

All I want-> genre: romance
The story is set in Brighton, before Christmas.-> ALEX FAYE is shy, disorganized, no self-confident, romantic, daydreamer -> art galery assistant.
Alex is very amusing girl. She always gets into funny troubles like wearing different shoes and she often makes of fool of herself. Alex has a peculiar family. She also has friends Susan, Diana and Kerry, who have very clear ideas about what they want from life. Alex wants not too much from live – she only had a list with seven items. Among them are: to travel around the world, write a bestselling book, give up smoking, etc. Now she is thirty and nothing is done from her wishlist. She even hasn’t a normal work, she just has temporary jobs from week to week that being given her by temp agency. But it was a job who help her to met Brad, her new boss, who turned her life upside-down. From now her wish list changed because every item now connected with Brad. He became the grates desire of Alex      
The story starts with Alex that is oversleeps after her 30th birthday   party. She has 2 lists of things she wanted to do before being 30. (the firts original list, and a new one, because 3 weeks ago her life changed forever)[see lists].                                                                                               She meet BRAD COURTNEY, owner of the Courtney gallery, and fall madly in love with him, but he’s not in love with her. He has a girlfriend, TANIA.                                                                       She works for Brad while his assistant is in hospital. She works for a temp agency-> they find temporary staff for people like Brad, she has never had a job for longer than 2 months.   She rushes to work, but finds the gallery closed. There are problems- the gallery’s best artist tell brad he doesn’t want to exhibit his paintings. Brad gives to alex a day off. She likes the variety, the different people and the different work. But now she would stay at the Art...