All About Salon and Dayspa

The business that I chose to do the Job Fair Brochure on is All About You Salon & Day Spa.   All About you Salon & Day Spa is a creation of a unique, upscale, innovative hair salon that offers professional beauty services from the classic to our own signature therapies.   My company is based in Miami, FL, with several locations in the metropolitan areas such as Atlanta, GA, Chicago, IL, and New York, NY.   All About You Salon & Day Spa has started a membership plan also.   A customer can become a member of the salon and can avail the service at a discounted price at any of the salons.   It is helpful for traveling customers.   This strategy helped the company in acquiring large base of returning customers which improved bottom line of the company.   All About You aims to provide a superior customer enjoyment experience and create a loyal client following.  

For structure, I made sure to mention that the work environment is an up-tempo, bubbly type of feel and environment. This is important because that shows that all employees need to work together to make a common goal. That also helps with the culture because in order for us to be profitable and pursue our business model, we need for our employees to always be active and motivated. In terms of business model, this company is a trend setter.   Our organization constantly changes with the time, so therefore our organizational design will too.   Any prospective employee needs to be aware of this and be able to adapt to change.   Being able to adapt is our most important attribute.

The company’s cultures are values set by the owner over the years.   The salon has a team of hard working individuals who have a common goal to please the customer and make money.   We hire only motivated and committed employees who are prepared to work as a team to achieve the company’s goals.   This culture was adapted to ensure both the success of the employees and company.   If the employees do not share the same values, the company will not...