Alisandro Miguel Appraisal

NATIONAL FluidControl



Name of Engineer Elisandro Miguel Date PROFESSIONAL SKILLS Outstanding Performance Safety Awareness Attitude to Job Quantity of Work Quality of Work Knowledge of Work Planning of Work X Highly Motivated Highly Motivated High Output High Standard Excellent Knowledge of Job Excellent Planning Abilitv Excellent Computer Skill X Above job Requirements X X Puts Safety First Very Enthusiastic Above Average


Satisfactory Performance Positive Attitude Positive and Willing Achieved what is required Thorough and Conscientious X X Sufficient Knowledge of Work Sufficient Planning Ability Sufficient/Basic Knowledge of Computer

Less than Satisfactory Sometimes has to be reminded Could be improved Occasionally unsatisfactory Occasionally could Improve Progress slowed, lack of knowledge Needs improvement

Unsatisfactory Needs to be Constantly Reminded Poor Improvement Needed Improvement Needed Inadequate Knowledge of Work Does not plan effectively No computer skills

Very Diligent Good Knowledge of Work Good Planning Abilitv Good Knowledge of Comouter

Computer Skills



Lack of computer knowledge

PERSONAL SKILLS Outstanding Performance Willingness to accept responsibility Teamwork Natural leader Asset to the team Extremely dependable & reliable Mixes extremely well Above job Requirements Keen to take responsibility Satisfactory Performance x Developing skills Co-operative & flexible Dependable Less than Satisfactory Occasionally

Unsatisfactory Completely unwilling Generally uncooperative Unacceptable improvement needed Generally does not mix well


Team player

Occasionally unhelpful Occasionally unreliable


Dependable & reliable Mixes well

Sometimes has problems mbdno Comments: Elisandro did very well for someone who has had a short exposure to DWM. He is very keen to learn and only requires to be shown once. He then works on his own...